Kabira Country Club -Pattern


Whether it’s a plunger or lap pool, swimming pools avail us of life-enhancing exercises and recreational ways to cool off.

Kabira Country Club boasts three liquid sapphire cubes made up of a baby pool, kids’ pool and half Olympic-sized pool to elevate your health and leisure requirements beyond any glass ceiling.

All our pools have certified, on-duty lifeguards. So whether a guest chooses to take a dip or simply lounge poolside, we ensure your safety. Our pools are suitable for all levels of swimmers and guests of varying ages.

Call Us: +256 312 227 222 / 3 / 4

Opening Hours: 06:00 – 19:00 hrs

Swimming Access

Adults Ugx 40,000
Kids Ugx 25,000

Kabira Country Club -Pattern

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Kabira Country Club is part of Speke Group of Hotels

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