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Kabira Country Club, a fresh breath of hospitality, is Kampala’s leading boutique hotel.

The word “Kabira”, which means “Little Forest” in local Bantu dialect, designates Kabira Country Club as home to a trouble-free paradise whose tropical flora is a green dance to its surrounding birdsong.

Kabira Country Club offers an intimate and imitable paradise in its newly renovated rooms, designed to complement its natural environment and compliment your good taste in enjoying its offerings.

Enjoy a sundowner and amber sunsets with a visit to The Pub, our multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. Or give into to your sweet cravings at Bake-O-Logy. Whatever you choose to do, we shall cater to your to-do interests.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one holistic experience, Kabira Country health club offers it all, and then some.

It literally breathes energy into any fitness regimen with facilities which include a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, kids’ pool, Gym, Tennis, Basketball, squash courts & a football pitch.

With an inspiring array of event spaces, Kabira Country Club has all the amenities and luxuries to ensure your special occasions, including weddings and business get-togethers, meet with the highest standards.


You will enjoy the privacy of our rooms without feeling isolated. With a distinctly personal feel, our rooms and cottages offer a blend of inspired design and an intimate attention to detail consistent with your every idea of what turns hospitality into what is homely.


One of main attractions about Kabira Country Club is the bakery. It is so unique, it is impossible to copy and pastry. The bakery churns out everything from cookies to pastries and six different varieties of croissants. But you haven’t tasted anything until you’ve tried our made-to-order designer cakes of every description.  With more than a touch of class, they appetizingly shape the daily digests of Victoria Cafe, Delhi Public School International, Speke Apartments and Kabira Country Club.


No matter how many drinks you’ve enjoyed before, there is nothing quite as incomparable as The Pub.

This more-is-absolutely-more establishment, bathed in the soft-glow of otherworldly mood lighting, sweeps all the way down from the restaurant and bar past the coffee shop until it overlooks the swimming pool and the courtyard to offer a tranquil outdoor and informal dining experience.

Serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, The Pub confects a contemporary and divine dining experience from its menu and buffet with a delicious array of food from around the world.

As you enjoy your meal, gentle music streams in as a lubricant to your conversation and smiles from within.


Sequestered deep within the solitude of the city, Kabira Country Club immediately throws off sophisticated vibes to create one of finest conference and meeting venues in Kampala.

Our conference venues have an unrivalled capacity for large events and the flexibility to accommodate your medium-to-small deliberative needs.

These venues are made complete by the latest technological gadgets, as well as an impossibly courteous on-site support staff who are able to handle anything from the largest to the smallest events.


All gyms aren’t all equal. Some are more fitness-enhancing than others. The gym at Kabira Country Club embodies this difference and appreciates that people are different, have different body mass and require different cardio workouts.

Our personal trainers are on hand to adjust the intensity of your workouts as you get stronger and they guide you on what to eat in order to stay strong.

Whilst the gym has all the sophisticated equipment from spin bikes, treadmills and leverage systems, you can still keep it simple with one-handed pull-ups, sit-ups, heavy bags, medicine balls and hurdling benches.

Our able gym instructors will guard against any injury and guide on what you should be doing, for how long, when it comes to the effectiveness of a workout.

In an invigorating environment, you can do pull-ups, chest presses, swing kettle bells, do shoulder presses and get generally buff or beautifully attuned to the musicality of healthy living.

The gym also holds regular classes in Zumba, yoga, Sukuma, spinning aqua aerobics, bumpy rides, kick boxing, Kona dance work out, Kona cycling and Pilates.

Outside the gym, the club boasts a half Olympic-sized pool, two glass-backed squash courts, clay tennis courts, a basketball court and a football pitch.

Kabira Country Club -Pattern

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