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Leisure Facilities

Leisure Facilities at Kabira Country Club:

Leisure Facilities at Kabira Country Club: Take a break from the outside world and pamper yourself. Indulge in a variety of activities at the club which will leave you with an inner tranquility and relaxation that will last all day.

Our wellness facilities offer a relaxing atmosphere, with guests allowed to absolutely and complimentary access  all areas of the gymnasium, the courts, sauna, steam and sports field.
Despite the best leisure facilities offered at Kabira Country Club, we also have different schedules for those facilities.

Therefore, you can choose from our: gym/workout classes, sauna and steam sessions e.t.c. Full details can be accessed by contacting

Leisure Facilities Deluxe Studio Room

The Gym

¬†Our gym is the biggest and best equipped in East Africa. Coupled with our world-class sporting and recreational facilities, we cater for a wide range of fitness and wellness…

Leisure Facilities the courts

The Courts

Kabira Country Club has world class clay floodlit tennis courts, basketball court, Sports field and an international standard squash courts.

Leisure Facilities Deluxe Studio Room

Fitness Classes

Kabira has a renown health club with trending structures and we offer different classes for all your weight, health and fitness needs such as Aqua Aerobics, Spinning, Zumba, Sukuma…

Leisure Facilities Deluxe Studio Room

Sauna & Steam bath

Kabira has sauna and steam bath performed using the natural remedies perfect for a wellness retreat, best for the body relaxation and cleaning to enable your mind attain a state of tranquility.

Leisure Facilities Deluxe Studio Room

Swimming pool

Our pool area inspires awe and romance to create a dreamy occasion which will be forever etched in time and memory. With sunlight, and later moonlight, turning the pool surface into the shimmering splendors.

Leisure Facilities Deluxe Studio Room


Kabira Country Club offers its own brand of athleticism by being home to a range of sporting facilities including all-weather tennis courts, a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, squash courts, a basketball court.

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