Kabira Country Club -Pattern


It is the jewel in the crown of events spaces at Kabira Country Club. Ideal for wedding receptions, it is divided into an upper and lower section with an overall capacity to seat 500 guests.
One may sit upstairs or downstairs, around a platform stage complete with a podium, stage lights and cameras to transmit images below to the upper gallery via several liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens.

These LCD screens are carefully positioned to ensure nothing obstructs a guest’s view of proceedings downstairs or anywhere else in the hall.
The Ballroom’s sitting arrangements can be setup into a number of different configurations to enable a wide variety of events.
It is equipped with a pantry, a bar section with direct access to washrooms.

It has 6 outlets (or inlets, depending on whether you are coming or going) with emergency exits all around.

Seating capacity  Seating Capacity: 400

Air Conditioner  Air-conditioning

Multi imaging  Multi-Image Staging

Video Equipment  Video Equipment

Translation Service  Translation Service

Highspeed internet  High Speed Internet Service

Audio equipment  Public Address System

Sound Reinforcement  Sound Reinforcement

Flip board  Flip Board

LCD Projector  LCD Projector

Video Screen  Plasma Video Screen

Fishbone setup  Fishbone Table Setup

U shape setup  U-Shape Table Setup

Oval table setup  Oval  Table Setup

V-Shaped Setup  V-Shape Table Setup

Row seating  Row Shape Table Setup

Seating Plan


Capacity: 300


Capacity: 250


Capacity: 350


Capacity: 400


Class Room
Capacity: 300


Board Room
Capacity: 250


U Shape
Capacity: 250


Hollow Square
Capacity: 250

Kabira Country Club -Pattern

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Kabira Country Club is part of Speke Group of Hotels

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