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Our gym is a first-of-its-kind fitness facility in Uganda. It’s an oasis, replete with a one-on-one personal training space, a world-class sporting and recreational experience complemented by a half Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool. It also boasts the best in-house nutritionists to give you everything you’ll ever need to get fit or fight hard trying.

Our cutting-edge gym equipment is thoroughly sanitized and we observe social distancing. So, as we navigate these trying times, you can count on us to put your safety first.

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Family Anual subscription

Family (half)Anual subscription

2250 2800
1800 2000
Monthly rate- Family 350 450
Single Anual subscription

Single (half)Anual subscription

1600 2100
1200 1600
Monthly rate- Single 300 350

Please Note:

The above figures are in US dollars(UD$) inclusive of Vat
The family membership includes parents two children(below 14) the additional children will be charged as below;

Extra child Anual subscription 400 500
Extra child (half)Anual subscription 300 400


Guest Ushs  40000
Child (below 14 years of age) Ushs  25000
Aerobics Members Ushs  10000
Non Aerobics Members Ushs  15000

Should you wish to pay in Uganda shillings, the current hotel exchange rate will be applicable.
Please note that US dollar cheques are subjected to bank charges except from crane bank.

Members are advised that they use the Club & its facilities at their own risk.

Children below 14years of age are not permitted to use the club facilities unless accampaned by an adult.
The club will accept no liability loss or damages inccured by members of third parties araising therefrom.

Solar heated pool(2)
Basketball Court
Squash Court(3)
Tennis Court(4)
Soccer field
Sauna room
Steam room
Play center
Card room
All social activities
Special rates- Accommodation
Special rates- Fitness class*
Complimentary Fitness class*
Complimentary Fitness class*
Membership to Speke Resort Munyonyo & Munyonyo Commonwealth
Entrance to the Resort
Olympic size Swimming pool
Steam room
Sauna room


The Rules and Regulations as set forth in this document are part of the membership agreement. The purpose of the club rules and regulations is to assure members and guests full enjoyment of the facilities subject to posted restrictions. Any and all posted pricing, restrictions, rules and regulations including hours of use are subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD. Please recognize the rights of others and be considerate.

Any and all member(s) and/or guest(s) are obligated to observe and comply with the following:

  • Club Hours: Seven days a week from 6:00AM to 10:00PM
  • Club Entrance: Members must display membership cards at the reception desk and allow the attendant to check them in. Members are only entitled to membership categories that they have paid for.
  • Daily Member: Daily passes are only good for one (1) single visit. If the guest leaves the premises, an additional Ug Shs. 40,000/= will be charged upon entry.
  • Exercise Clothing, Men: Shirts must be worn at all-time Clean and presentable apparel is required. Extremely short shorts are unacceptable. Soft soled non – scuffing tennis shoes are to be worn at all times. No open-toed shoes or bare feet in the fitness or gym areas.
  • Maintenance of facilities: In order to assist on the maintenance of KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD facilities, KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD reserves the right to temporarily close or part of the KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD facilities for need repairs or maintenance.
  • Accidents: All exercise, aerobics and use of all facilities and services shall be undertaken by member(s) or guest(s) at their sole risk. KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD. Its owners, employees, subcontractors, agents, successors or assigns shall not be liable for any and all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action whatsoever, to person or property arising out of or connected with use of any and all services or facilities of KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD or their premises where the same are located or arising out of an act of active or passive negligence on the part of KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD its servants, agents, owners, employees and/or subcontractors. Please alert KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD immediately if you incur or witness any injury while at the facility.
  • Lockers: Members of the Gold categories may utilize lockers on a daily basis except otherwise approved by KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD. Members and guests must provide their own lock. Locks not removed on a daily basis will be removed every evening and articles will be stored for fifteen (15) days after which they will be discarded, KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB is not responsible for the cost of replacing any removed locks. All lockers are utilized at members and guests sole risk.
  • Pool and Spa Areas: Please be careful and follow all rules. No running (pool desks may be slippery when wet), diving, handing on lane dividers or boisterous behaviors. Jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna are off – limits to children 12 and under. No gum chewing or spitting in the pool. A thorough shower with soap and water is mandatory before entering the pool area. During classes or special events please comply will all the instructions and respect the instructors and coaches and /or participants. After using the Steam room or Sauna, members and guests are required to rinse off in the courtesy shower before entering the Jacuzzi or the pool. Tampering with pool equipment, the thermostats etc. may result in membership expulsion. No shaving in team room. No street clothing or tennis shoes in sauna. Any member (s) or guest(s) interfering with lifeguard in out his or her duties may be expelled and membership revoked without any refund. KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD is not responsible for any damage or loss to swimming suits, towels or any other clothing for any reason whatsoever.
  • Maintenance of facilities: In order to assist on the maintenance of KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD facilities, KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD reserves the right to temporarily close or part of the KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD facilities for need repairs or maintenance.


  • KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • No outside alcohol beverages are allowed on KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD premises.
  • No food or drink allowed in workout area (except approved water bodies).
  • Abusive usage of equipment is prohibited. Member(s) who intentionally damage equipment will be held liable for the cost of the repair of replacement of damaged equipment.
  • The use or distribution of anabolic steroids or any contraband substance in or on KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD premises is strictly prohibited.
  • All members and guests must conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the well-being and enjoyment of both fellow members, guests, staff and management. Abusive or foul language is unacceptable. Any member or guest privileges being terminated without any refund or recourse against KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD.
  • Damaged, Lost or Stolen Property: Kabira Country Club Ltd its owner, employees, agents, successors, assigns, lessees, and /or subcontractors are in no matter whatsoever responsible and /or liable for any and all lost or stolen property.
  • Violations of Posted Rules and Regulations: Reasonable rules and regulations may be posted from time to time regarding health, protection or safety of members and guests, all membership agreements and guest privileges shall be subject to strict compliance therewith. Failure by members or their guests to comply may cause KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD to revoke said membership agreement or guest privileges. Upon election to revoke said membership agreement by KABIRA COUNTRY CLUB LTD member(s) shall be released of any further obligation. No refund dues, enrollment fees or quest fees will be given if I said membership or guest privileges are revoked; including any prepaid membership dues or any other fees. Said revocation to be effective upon notice to member(s).

If you have any further questions, please contact our business office,
Thank you for your patronage and have a great “health experience”


Kabira Country Club -Pattern

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